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C Medical is specialized in the development and manufacture of innovative products in the field of medical hygiene. For more than 25 years we develop medical devices and accessories both for use in medical offices and clinics as well as laboratories and research institutes. Our products help to increase the quality of life of patients and users.

Quality and reliability are the pillars of our identity. That is why we offer our customers quality products at fair prices, which are quick available. Our Quality Management System allows us to deal with changes in customer requirements. So we can offer a portfolio that is always up to date.

Products of IC Medical are distinguished by ease of operation, clear design and have repeatedly won innovation and design awards. The products from IC Medical are developed since the beginning of the company and to the highest quality standards at our site in Baden-Württemberg, South Germany, produced and tested.


Company History

The company was founded in 1984 by Thomas Blumenschein as IC System GmbH in Korb (Remstal). With the expansion of the portfolio to the medical-technical area, the distribution company changed its name in 1991 to IC Medical GmbH and the first generation of denture cleaning machine has been launched on the market.

Another milestone was the product development in the field of instrument sterilization and disinfection. The first model of this thermal disinfectors emerged in 1996 in the sale and sat down successfully on the market. In order to adapt the production volumes of the increasing demand, the company moved to Winterbach 2005, but the steady expansion made another move necessary. Since 2011, IC Medical is based in Rudersberg-Steinberg. The company is owner-managed since its inception by Thomas Blumenschein as managing partner.


Quality Management

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The successful implementation of the highest quality standards and optimal solutions according to the requirements of our customers can only be ensured with a proactive, close meshed network of measures throughout the entire workflow. Therefore, we attach great importance to certification according to the latest guidelines and requirements of stringent quality management.

The medical device standard DIN EN ISO 13485 places very special demands on the manufacturer in many areas of quality management compared to DIN EN ISO 9001, which IC Medical fulfills in every respect. Here are essential excerpts:

• Particularly careful product development with extended documentation of the results

• Safe documented processes and manufacturing processes

• Higher requirements for documentation of quality results during production and testing

• Active risk management in all areas

• Extensive traceability of process steps and material inputs, including the performance of Suppliers.



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