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HD 450 - Review - Dr. Firla

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A valuable report on the use of the innovative cleansing and disinfection unit HD 450 Injection from IC Medical.

Efficient automatic cleansing and disinfection of medical instruments

Dr. Markus Th. Firla

No, this is not a discussion about the pros and cons of automated preparation of medical instruments since according to the RKI or KRINKO guidelines, hollow spaces are viewed unfavorably. This report should provide assistance in the selection of a cleansing and disinfection unit that is suitable for the practice and purpose.

Features and properties

According to the opinion of the author, the exceptional properties of the cleansing and disinfection unit described here are the significantly advantageous user friendly and simple  operation options. Since there is only one process program, which can also be followed visually during the process of cleansing and disinfection in the touch field for operating the unit, there are no disturbances in the operation of the unit. IC Medical intentionally eliminated complex and complicated programming of various preparation variations. The innovative universal adaptors for rinsing hollow instruments are especially beneficial and useful ,and have been developed– and patented – by the manufacturer.


This leaves no questions open: The digital documentation of batch protocols can – with the help of the specially designed USB stick included in the unit price and delivery – also be printed in DIN A4 format. Apart from all officially required batch characteristics, the protocol not only provides an exact qualitative and chronological course of the individual process steps, but also provides information on the chemical-physical water composition (Mikro Siemens value) and the advantage of disinfection with hot, moist air (A0-value)!

Proven facts, that have been shown to be extremely useful in the random visitation from the trade supervisory board in Oldenburg on April 21st of this year in the scope of the inspection of the author’s practice with regard to the medical products operator ordinance (MPGBetriebV) as well as § 26 Medical Products Law.

Programs, run times, use

Also here, the observed cleansing and disinfection unit was second to none in comparison to the competition: only 12 liters of water were required per preparation process. If it can be ensured that the water hardness is below 21° dH, then the correct cleansing and disinfection function of the unit does not require specially pre-treated water. The addition of an oxide thermos tab in the door dispenser of the units is sufficient for one preparation cycle.


This point also only has positive results to report: The unlimited validation of the HD 450 Injection only incurs initial costs of approximately 750 Euros for the first validation (reg. IC Medical: Please ask for costs directly from the validation company). The prices for revalidation, based on the above-mentioned study, are approximately 500 Euros. It is especially positive that the maintenance of the unit by IC Medical is not prescribed by definite, automatic work cycle figures. Basic maintenance work merely involves the annual (unit-year) exchange of the spray arm and the filter in the unit sump.


In the author’s experience, the HD 450 Injection from IC Medical is a beneficial cleansing and disinfection unit for automatic preparation which is second to none. Not only does it carry an unbeatable purchase price, it is also connected with innovative unit functionality for flawless hygienic effectiveness compliant with RKI guidelines for all dental instruments, including ultrasonic attachments and hand and angle pieces, and the simple operation makes it one of the top candidates for modern and efficient hygienic equipment. The relatively low costs for initial and re-validations compared with other devices of this kind, combined with the very reliable, efficient functionality ensure that the HD 450 Injection comes highly recommended!

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HD 450 - Review - Dr. Firla

A valuable report on the use of the innovative cleansing and disinfection unit HD 450 Injection...

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