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HD450 Reference - Dirk H. Zipprich

hd450 kundenreferenz zahnarzt aschaffenburg

"At first I was skeptical, but in the daily routine it proved to be more than worthwhile." - Dirk H. Zipprich, Dentist


Why does a practice manager choose the HD 450 and how does he rate its routine use? What is his opinion? - We spoke with the dentist, Dirk H. Zipprich
from Aschaffenburg.

About Mr. Zipprich
Dirk H. Zipprich has been working as a resident dentist in Aschaffenburg since 1999. He has many years of experience with his main focus on microscopic dentistry, endodontology and implantology. He is one of the few practitioners in Germany to rely on precise diagnostics under the dental microscope – for maximum precision and nearly pain-free intervention. Apart from his dedication to various scientific organizations, Dirk H. Zipprich in an international expert for endodontics, implantology and practice organization.

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Dirk H. Zipprich, dentist, regarding the Thermal Disinfector HD 450:

IC Medical: Mr. Zipprich, what demands must a thermal disinfector fulfil in your practice?
Dirk H. Zipprich: We face two factors: an extreme amount of instruments – our practice consists of one dentist and three dental hygienists – and limited space for preparation. Our old units couldn’t keep up anymore. Therefore, I started looking for a solution that saves space and has high performance at the same time.

... which is why you purchased two units?
Dirk H. Zipprich: Exactly. Both are installed in the hygiene room, on top of each other, and are controlled with an external operating element. While one unit is in operation, the other is filled, always alternating. A great relief for the entire team.

The HD 450 is the only thermal disinfector that uses tabs. How was the change to this principle?
Dirk H. Zipprich: At first I was skeptical, but in the daily routine it proved to be more than worthwhile. Apart from that, it is very pleasant to no longer deal with the large chemical canisters and hose systems.

What do you consider to be the greatest advantage of the unit?
Dirk H. Zipprich: The HD 450 is like an iPhone: intuitive. The processes follow a clear and user-friendly logic.

This all sounds very positive...
Dirk H. Zipprich: My employees and myself are very satisfied. I have also told colleagues about it in the quality group. Naturally not everything always runs smoothly. One of the units had difficulties in the beginning, but we received good and quick support. In the mean-time, the two HD 450s run without limitations.

Finally, can you please summarize, Mr. Zipprich?
Dirk H. Zipprich: The HD 450 is a compact, efficient unit that I can recommend. What sets IC Medical apart is its flexibility and service – an innovative problem solver for the dental practice.



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HD450 Reference - Dirk H. Zipprich

"At first I was skeptical, but in the daily routine it proved to be more than worthwhile." - Dirk...


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