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The thermal disinfector HD 450 Injection is a washer-disinfector (WD), built according to the DIN EN ISO 15883-1 / 2.

The compact design of the HD 450 Injection can be easily integrated in every hygiene cycle of medical offices. That's why the HD 450 Injection is perfect for use in machine processing of medical instruments and accessories.

Security and Validation

The automated reprocessing of medical instruments and accessories has become an essential part of quality assurance in dental and medical offices in order to exclude risks for patients as well as for the medical team.

In the Guidelines for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (RKI) by 2012, the automated reprocessing of instruments is recommended. Under the current Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) cleaning and disinfection with validated processes must be comprehensible.

The IC Medical thermal disinfector HD 450 Injection allows you to meet both MPBetreibV and the RKI guidelines in the preparation of your medical devices.

This individual baskets for the automated reprocessing of instruments and accessories in dental and medical offices are available.


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Compact and space-saving design - usable as a table-and built-in device

The thermal disinfector HD 450 Injection is the ideal tool for offices with three to four treatment rooms. Each cleaning and disinfection process comprises 300 surgical instruments with a total weight of six kilograms.

The HD 450 Injection can be placed as a table unit on a countertop, or can be integrated as built-in device in your sterilization line.


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Preparation of up to 8 hollow instruments

The Thermal Disinfector HD 450 Injection offers the possibility to prepare up to 8 hollow instruments. Through our innovative water management system the secured disinfect all interior spaces of hollow instruments used in addition to the cleaning and disinfection of the outer surface guarantees.

With its own pump circuit with our new Pulso system for injection rail the preparation, purification and disinfection of the handpieces is done gently. Vario-use In our unique Vario-use hollow instruments and saliva ejector from all manufacturers can be used - you do not need another adapter.

hd450injection vario-einsatz

Vario-Adapter system

Straight and contra-angle handpieces and saliva ejectors from many manufacturers can be prepared with our unique variable design as well as the Flexio adapter for ZEG tips, for the recording of 6 acoustic and ultrasonic tips (ZEG tips).

hd450inj longlife filter

longLife-Filter system

Optimal protection against contamination for transmission and hollow body instruments of the injection rail.

  • For a safe and economical preparation.
  • Subsequent costs for the exchange of individual filters are avoided.
  • Easy cleaning of the reprocessable filter.


Easy start

To operate the HD 450 Injection All you need is:

  • Power supply 230V, 50/60 Hz
  • Cold water supply 3/4 inch
  • Drain connection DN21

Operation via touch control IC


The HD 450 Injection guarantees you a unique ease of use, thanks to its integrated IC Touch Control System. Every single process step can be exactly tracked on the IC Touch display, which provides optimum control.

With our external operating unit, the control is also possible via a wall or stand display - the ergonomically perfect solution for e.g. RDGs built into the sterilization line below.

hd450 dokumentation

Safe documentation and monitoring of all process parameters

The HD 450 Injection thermal disinfector ensures the secure documentation of all process parameters using state-of-the-art technology and sensor technology.

The process parameters are stored as a report in the RDG - the storage capacity is around 3000 reports.

Within the permanent process documentation an extensive parameter evaluation takes place, which offers perfect security for the process traceability in nominal and actual values. This includes the A0 value, tab monitoring, conductivity and spray arm monitoring, and the display of temperature curves.

  • The HD 450 Injection is equipped as standard with a network interface as well as with a USB socket for reading the process documentation.
  • The logs are read out via the documentation software included in the scope of delivery, which you can comfortably control via your office network, the PC or via USB stick.
  • The documentation software is free of charge.
  • Use your office computer as before and archive the logs digitally.
  • Interfaces to Segosoft and DOCma (DIOS) are available.


hd450 thermotab

Process chemistry - ThermoTab technology

Only one ThermoTab is required per cleaning and disinfection cycle, the addition of further cleaning additives is no longer necessary.

The all-in-one system combines cleaners, rinse aid and salt substitutes into a single tab. In addition, a special enzyme blend as catalyst enhances the cleaning effect when removing blood, protein and something like that.

Due to the constant dosage, you can provide a valid, standardized cleaning process and can dispense with dosing units for liquid cleaning agents as well as the addition of neutralizer and rinse aid. Salt must be added only from a german hardness of 21° dH.

VE Surveillance System integration

Completely desalinated water treatment for thermal disinfectors and autoclaves

Demineralised water ensures the longest possible lifetime of your instruments and instruments.

No additional hardware necessary

Your HD 450 Injection thermal disinfector takes control of the water quality for you.

Your advantage:
The IC Touch Control Display on your IC Medical thermal disinfector informs you immediately when the performance of your completely desalinated water Cartridge is exhausted. At the same time, you can also take this information from your report.
The purchase of a special measuring device can thus be dispensed with.



Cartridge 445

Cartridge 490

Rate (l / h)



Capacity at 10 ° dH in liters*

2.100  2.500

Pressure limitation max. (bar)



Operating temperature max. (° C)



Dimensions in mm
(Diameter x height)

237 x 445  237 x 490

Weight (kg)



Connection set



Cartridge material

V4A stainless steel V4A stainless steel

* Capacity may vary depending on the nature of the raw water up or down


Further information can be found in our product brochure of the thermal desinfector on page 14/15

Technical Specifications

zeichnung bemassung hd450

Type designation

HD 450 Injection

Dimensions (HxWxD)

45 x 55.5 x 58 cm

Throat (A)

37 cm

Washing chamber (HxWxD)
H = maximum loading height
T = maximum loading depth

33.5 x 49.5 x 45 cm

Weight (empty)

21 kg

Floor load

1200 N/m²

Volume of the washing chamber

74 liter

Electrical connection

16 A; 240 V; 2.4 KW

Max. Sound power (Clean)

58 dBA


0.55 kW/h (2,7 MJ/h)

Ambient temperature

15 - 35°C

Relative humidity

30 - 60%

Max. Altitude

2000 m

Installation Category


Air pressure

75 kPa – 106 kPa

Cold water / demineralized water


Drain connection


Water quality

Note quality of the water at least drinking water quality, according to drinking water regulations (TrinkW2001) or local regulations

Minimum flow pressure

150 kPA (1,5 bar)

Recommended flow pressure

250 kPa (2,5 bar)

Maximum water pressure

1000 kPa (10 bar)

Minimum rinsing pressure

140 mbar

Max. Wastewater temperature

93 °C

Volume of wastewater per hour

about 20 liters (in small increments))

Performance of the drain pump

max. 30 l / min. (Volume in the waste water hose)

Length of the inlet and outlet hoses

cold water supply / waste water: 1.80 m / deionized water supply: 1.60 m

Supply cable length

2 m

Internal memory

up to 4000 cycles


USB, network (RJ45)

Pollution severity

category 2

Degree of protection (according to IEC 60529)


CE marking


Conformity to standards

DIN EN ISO 15883-1/2; EN 61010-2-040

Extensive components

Our thermal disinfector HD 450 Injection offers a variety of components:

Overview Components Thermal Disinfectors

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