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MRD 4000 prosthesis cleaning machine

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Due to their structure and their surface structure, prostheses are susceptible to plaque adhesion and bacterial attack. The MRD 4000 Prosthesis Cleaner has been specifically designed to meet these needs and guarantees thorough and safe cleaning of prostheses and surfaces.

The advantage of this device is the combination of mechanical, chemical and thermal cleaning power: with the addition of a cleaning rod per pass, rotating polishing needles clean the prosthesis. The electric motor responsible for the rotation additionally heats the cleaning chemistry in the polishing beaker up to approx. 50°C. The resulting thermal increases the cleaning performance of the tabs and ensures a thorough, safe and quick cleaning.

For every application - prosthetics, precious metal or partial denture - special magnetic needle sets are available. This ensures perfect oral hygiene and more well-being for the patient.



MRD 4000 - The denture cleaning machine

  • compact technology
  • simple handling
  • revolutionary quiet
  • thorough and gentle cleaning process
  • Made in Germany

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The 4th generation

The MRD 4000 is the 4th generation of our MRD prosthesis cleaning machines. It has been the experience, in the cleaning and preparation of prostheses and orthodontic appliances, for several decades.

quadro-glas technologie

"Quadro-glass" technology

The MRD 4000 uses a newly developed cleaning process for a thorough and gentle cleaning: the "Quadro-glass" technology.

The special geometry of our cleaning glass, leads to an optimal reflection of the cleaning needles. The needles are reflected on four flanks, resulting in a fast and efficient cleaning result. The cleaning container is made of extremely resistant and durable glass.

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The prothesis and orthodontic appliances cleaning is a patient service that you can bill!

We have developed a patient brochure that informs your patients about the care and hygiene of prostheses.

More information is available directly from us.


Technical specifications

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MRD 4000 prosthesis cleaning machine
Application: Surface cleaning / surface treatment

Dimensions H x W x D: 263mm x 205mm x 217-236mm
Electrical connection: 230 Volt / 50 Hz
Power consumption: 220 Watt
Enclosure specification: IP 20
Weight: ca. 4,5 kg
Material: Plastic housing / Stainless steel base plate


  MRD 4000 denture cleaning unit
Scope of supply: incl. Quadro-glass cleaning container, power cord
Article number: 100 802


  MRD 4000 denture cleaning unit SET
Scope of supply: incl. Quadro-glass cleaning container, power cord + Accessory kit prophylaxis
Article number: 100 804

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