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The patient interview is one of your daily routine as the entry of patient data at the PC. You probably use your computer during the treatment to add appointments or retrieve data. In this aspect, the keyboard of the PC is one of the highly sensitive areas of your treatment room.

Conventional keyboards are never disinfected thoroughly and offer germs, viruses and bacteria, because of their numerous cavities and slots. Not without reason, therefore, the Robert Koch Institute expressly recommended for medical use keyboards with "smooth, liquid-tight surfaces."

Exactly this requirement meets the innovative hygiene keyboard IC Keys of IC Medical. It is waterproof, stylish and durable.


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IC Keys is ...
... germ-free with a single wipe

Thorough disinfection: The input surface of IC Keys is made entirely of cut glass. This means: no pores, no grooves, no niches. IC Keys is waterproof, dustproof, the entire surface smooth and suitable for all commercially available disinfectants and detergents. Removing 99 percent of germs from the IC Keys with a single wipe - it's that simple. To protect yourself, your staff and patients effectively and without effort.

IC Keys is ...
... tactile functionality

Intuitive operation: The touch screen technology of IC Keys will inspire you immediately. Tap easily to the glass surface, as you are used from your smartphone and tablet computer and start writing. An acclimatization period is omitted. To work with key tones? Pure matter of attitude: The key tone can be regulated in six volumes.

ickeys ht300 design

IC Keys is ...               
... elegant and timeless in design

Excellent Design: The IC Keys hygienic keyboard has been awarded for its outstanding design with the international "Focus Open Silver 2011", confirming our claim that everyday items should be stylish and functional at the same time. After all, that's the hygienic keyboard in your field of vision, the most time of the day.

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IC Keys is ...             
... innovative technology

Secure Data Transfer: This "long-distance relationship" works because the included USB dongle allows IC Keys to create an encrypted connection to your computer, with four AA batteries giving you the energy you need. No problem. The hygienic keyboard IC Keys has a USB port - for the cable to the PC.


Then IC Keys is ...
... made for you

A good choice: As an innovative hardware product with particularly high utility value, IC Keys has been awarded the "Best of 2012" label by Initiative medium-sized businesses. IC Keys are THE hygienic keyboard for all areas of application with particularly high hygiene standards: medical offices, clinics, laboratories and cleanroom environments. The liquid-tight keyboard, which is smooth all over and therefore highly disinfectable, is, of course, also suitable for all companies that want to protect their employees in the best possible way against contagion.

Your benefits with IC Keys, the hygienic keyboard from IC Medical:

  • enclosed case with non-porous glass surface, dustproof and waterproof to IP64 protection
  • quick and easy to clean with all standard cleaning and disinfecting agents - without switching off the keyboard thanks to the integrated clean-lock button
  • also easy to operate with medical gloves
  • flat and ergonomic, noble and timeless in design
  • high quality: Quality "made in Germany"
  • encrypted wireless connection to AES-128bit: Plug and Play, no installation required
  • powered by 4 AA batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • alternatively, the connection via a USB cable is possible
  • acoustic keystroke with adjustable volume: Each tapping is confirmed by a beep (or beep)
  • optionally bundled with IC Mouse, IC Medical's wireless hygienic computer mouse with a smooth surface

Technical specifications


IC Keys - HT 300
Capacitive computer keyboard with large numeric keypad

Color: white, with ground glass front
Installation: Plug & Play
Operating system: Windows®98, Linux, OSX
Power supply: 4x AA battery / battery or USB
Connection: wirelss (204 GHz) or USB
Range: 6 meters
Height / Weight: 408 x 145 x 30mm / approx 900g
Work environment: 5-35°C
Approvals: CE, RoHS, FCC
Waterproof: IP64
Warranty: 2 years, on Raptor-glass surface 10 years

English USA

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description SKU
IC Keys - Hygiene Keyboard English / USA HT-300 Glass keyboard key layout English / USA with large Numpad 101 402
IC Keys - keyboard Hygiene   English / USA HT-300
incl. IC Mouse
Glass keyboard in key layout English / USA with large
Numpad incl. IC Mouse
101 502

English UK

ickeys tastaturlayouts UK200


description SKU
IC Keys - Hygiene Keyboard English / UK HT-200 Glass keyboard in the English layout / UK with integrated trackpad 101 203


ickeys tastaturlayouts FR200


description SKU
IC Keys - keyboard Hygiene French HT-200 Glass keyboard in French layout with integrated trackpad 101 201

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bestof Hardware 2012DCS FO2011 Silver


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