"We wanted to make it perfect right from the start." - Dr. med. dent. Bruno Stumpf, retired dentist

"When choosing a manufacturer, it is very important to me that I receive good service at short notice and that I get a service technician on the phone." - Dipl. Med. Temm, Urologist

Vineyards, half-timbered villages, lakes - races where others spend their holidays!

"The result is reliably cleaned and disinfected instruments that are not blotchy but shiny." - Olga Krieger, Hygiene specialist

"It was a great relief to me from the beginning." - Dr. med. dent. Christine Huber, Dentist

Upcoming events

October 18th till 19th 2019
id information days dental Munich
October 31st till November 2rd 2019
53nd advanced training event for ear, nose and throat physicians
November 8th till 9th 2019
id information days dental Frankfurt

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