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"It was a great relief to me from the beginning." - Dr. med. dent. Christine Huber, Dentist

About the person

Dentist Dr. med. dent. Christine Huber has been practicing in her medical office in the southern district of Cologne since 2004. Her main focus of treatment is endodontology, in addition to the prophylaxis spectrum. Her colleague Jenny Lauer (ZMF) works mainly with the washer-disinfector.

Mrs. Dr. med. dent. Huber, Mrs. Lauer, which requirements with regard to the washer-disinfector were important in your medical office?

We have a rather small hygiene room, so the washer-disinfector should be compact. And we have waited concretely for a convincing device to be offered without extensive cleaning chemicals. Because of these two requirements, it was above all the ThermoTabs that were decisive for the HD 450 Injection PRO, in addition to the good price/performance ratio, of course. We have been working with them since August 2017.

What was the change like? 

From the beginning it was a great relief to the work. All instruments used on patients - surgical and transfer instruments, endodontic needles, etc. - no longer need to be cleaned and disinfected in the tub system. At the moment there is not a complete batch every day. However, if the need increases due to more surgery or implantology, we see ourselves well equipped, without this impairing the workflow.

We have gained a lot in terms of safety at work. The process time of 100 minutes in the past may have been difficult at times. But since the software update at the last Annual Maintenance, this point has also been resolved.

Were there any problems with the changeover?

There were initial difficulties, which IC Medical's customer service immediately resolved. The process chemistry with the ThermoTabs totally excited us. They are very easy to use for everyone. Recently we had the annual equipment maintenance. We received the new instrument software, which shortens the cleaning process by another half an hour.

Does hard water in your medical office occasionally cause problems?

Thanks to a softening plant, we are well below the limit value with a hardness of max. 7° dH. That was our advantage right from the start. Normally we know this differently in Cologne.

Mrs. Dr. med. dent. Huber, what is for you the biggest advantage of the HD 450 Injection PRO in your medical office?

The time savings that it brings to medical office procedures. And if in rare cases I have to operate the washer-disinfector myself, it is very simple thanks to the standard program and the user-friendly display: the device tells me everything I need to do.

Thank you for the interview!


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