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The computer keyboard as well as the computer mouse are usually loaded with pathogens.

Again and again the problem arises that conventional computer keyboards and computer mice do not correspond to the current medical requirements. At the present time, when virus protection programs have the highest priority, it seems that equipment that can be disinfected in clinics, specialist medical officies and research institutes is catching up. Again and again, IC Medical is saddened by the lack of equipment in the relevant areas. The Württemberg hygiene specialist is all the more pleased to be able to provide the ÄrzteZeitung with two brand-new articles in german underlining this problem.

Underestimated sources of infection - Almost all computer keyboards germinated

Hygiene at the PC - Infectious Hardware

ICM Hygienetastatur HT400

The hygiene specialist IC Medical offers the perfect solution for this need to catch up!

The area of application ranges from the specialist medical officies to the research institute.

For hygienically sensitive areas, the Robert Koch Institute generally recommends appliances with smooth, liquid-tight and disinfectable surfaces. Accordingly, users benefit above all from a hygiene keyboard where they come into contact with saliva, blood and other liquids, as well as where demanding hygiene must ensure the results of their work: in doctors' surgeries, clinics, clean rooms and laboratories. Naturally, these environments require writing with medical gloves; this is also possible with IC Keys. In order to regain the accustomed writing feeling acoustically, one can let oneself be supported by the familiar crackling sounds, the volume of which can be adjusted.

You are welcome to test the HT 400 hygiene keyboard in your medical office,
just contact us at +49 7181 7060-70!

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