"A0 value," "Disinfection plan," or „Sterilization“ - The world of hygiene can be quite complicated! IC Medical's Hygiene Encyclopedia explains the most important terms from the fields of preparation, hygiene and validation - from A for autoclave to Z. Do you often ask yourself how you can successfully comb through the demanding jungle of requirements and technical terms? Whether disinfection solution, hygiene plan or validation guideline - we provide initial guidance: We explain what lies behind these terms and where you can obtain legally binding information. This online orientation guide is an ongoing project. Please understand that we do not claim to be complete or legally binding.

In classification, medical devices are assessed according to their risks and the resulting need for cleaning and disinfection or for validated disinfection or sterilisation. A distinction is made between non-critical, semi-critical (A/B) and critical (A/B/C) instruments. The addition "B" stands for increased demands on reprocessing, for example if the instrument contains a cavity or parts that are difficult to access.